Blood Supply

Blood Supply of the Esophagus

The Common Vein

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Upper third

This part of the esophagus is supplied by branches of the inferior thyroid arteries. The anterior cervical esophageal arteries give twiglike branches to both esophagus and trachea.  Accessory arteries to the cervical esophagus derive frequently from the subclavian, common carotid, vertebral, ascending pharyngeal, superficial cervical and costocervical trunk. 

Middle third

This part of the esophagus is supplied by the right sided intercostals and bronchial arteries (ie, esophageal branches of vessels arising directly from the aorta).

Lower third

This part of the esophagus is supplied by the ascending branches of the left gastric (cardio-esophageal branches), and left inferior phrenic artery.


Esophagus – arterial supply

Courtesy Lippincott Williams & Wilkins GTA07015 code chest aorta esophagus trachea bronchus blood supply supply normal anatomy drawing

Abdominal Esophagus – arterial supply

GTA15001 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins normal anatomy abdomen stomach spleen celiac axis esophagus short gastric artery left gastric artery gastroepiploic artery stomach blood supply splenic artery hepatic arery GDA gastroduodenal artery esophageal artery

Distal Blood Supply from the Left Gastric Artery

01211c stomasch distal esophagus left gastric artery injection short gastrics anterior and posterior gastric arteries transverse pancreatic artery angiogram arteriography Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD blood supply normal anatomy

Esophagus – arterial supply
32341 tube colon small bowel lung bronchus bronchi esophagus stomach large bowel bile duct ureter tube principles blood supply venous drainage artery vein lymphatic drainage lymphatics Courtesy Ashley DAvidoff MD Davidoff art mucosa submucosa muscularis adventitia serosa histology