Venous Drainage

Proximal Third

The inferior thyroid, and intercostal bronchial, in general drain the upper esophagus.  In the neck the final common pathway of cervical esophageal venous drainage is via the brachiocephalic vein.  Tributaries drain into the inferior thyroid vein which empties into the right brachiocephalic and/or left brachiocephalic vein.

The Middle Third

In the chest the final common pathway of thoracic esophageal venous drainage is via the azygos or brachiocephalic on the right or the hemiazygos, accessory hemiazygos, or brachiocephalic vein on the left.

Distal Third

In the lower third and abdomen the final common pathway of lower esophageal venous drainage is via the portal vein or splenic vein.  Tributaries from the short abdominal esophagus drain mostly into the left gastric (coronary) vein but also into short gastric veins (and thereby also the splenic and left gastro-epiploic veins).


Esophagus – venous drainage

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Abdominal esophagus – venous drainage
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Venous drainage begins in a submucosal venous plexus piercing the muscle layers.  Another venous plexus is formed on the external surface of the esophagus.

Esophagus – venous lakes
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GE varices

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Esophageal varices
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